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Agriculture Solutions

In 2018, under the Sobono Group of Companies, Sobono Greenland Pte Ltd was incorporated and began operation. Our main business goals are to provide feedstock farming, modern farming solutions, implement quality farming equipment and biofertilizer within the ASEAN. We are an upstream provider of feedstock and energy crops for biogas development and biomass fuel needs of our partner, Sobono Energy Pte Ltd, a cultivated EPC organization specialized in the building and operations of biogas and biomass power plants.

In the past decades, due to limited interest in the farming industry, many farmers have to decide on the amount of the fertilizer, irrigation water and manually measure the topography of the farm which lead to the farmers to spend more time than they are supposed to. However, just recently, Sobono Greenland introduced one of their promising biotechnologies, Biofertilizer, a high performing, low cost and environmentally safe fertilizer, to the farmers in South Mindanao as part of the mission to reduce bad ecological footprint in South East Asia. Since then, it has significantly improve the efficiency of the farming process and increase the production of the farm. We believe by introducing smart farming, improved mechanization, sustainable soil management and other related services, it will contribute to the success of the farmers in Southeast Asia.

Farming Equipment

Sobono Greenland is committed to leading the farming communities and our clients towards modernisation and mechanisation, emphasising on a sustainable development strategy.

We offer a full suite of equipment within our farming solutions. These include tractors, combine harvesters, foragers, tillage implements, pneumatic planters, boom sprayers, agriculture trailers and many more.

Feedstock Supply

Sobono Greenland provides a one stop supply of grass silage feedstock for your production of biogas and biomass fuel, be it as your in-house farming team or as an independent supplier. You can be sure that our feedstock variety is selected and optimised for your intended use.

As your in-house farming team, we deploy the most efficient means of farming, ensuring you the maximum yield possible. Our patented smart farming programme is another key feature which allows efficient use of farming equipment, flow of logistics and minimising fuel and cost.

We are an upstream supplier of feedstock and energy crops for biogas cultivation and biomass fuel needs of our counterpart, Sobono Energy Pte Ltd, an accomplished EPC company in biogas and biomass power solutions.

Biofertiliser Supply

Biofertiliser is essential to achieve a high yield of crops by making the soil rich with nutrients and where useful microorganisms can thrive and benefit the growth of the crops.

A natural product from biogas and biomass fuel production, this biofertiliser provides an environmentally safe and high performing fertiliser at a low cost. This is formerly not accessible to most local farmers.

Smart Farming

Sobono Greenland pioneered their proprietary Smart Farming programme in assisting the local farmers to optimize irrigation, fertiliser, fuel, cost and labour. With this programme, farmers and technicians will be able to manage the equipment booking and plan their operations and purchases based on their uploaded farming protocol.

This not just reduce resources and impact on the environment but also vastly improve the quantity and quality of their harvest.