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We are proud to provide a valuable service to our customers in South East Asia. Here are ways that we do it!

Off Grid Electrification

The project objective is to provide a Clean, Renewable, and Reliable Power for the rural community.  In this project, Sobono Greenland helps the company generates consistent quality of 265 tons of Napier Grass per day which can be used as main feedstock for the for conversion to biofuels, bioproducts, and biopower. As a result of the implementation, utilizing BioGas Power Plant (BPP), Sobono Energy is able to produce an increased power production up to 3MW at peak load.

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Sobono Energy

Biogas >

Highly sustainable waste-to-energy system, creating biogas through anaerobic digestion of organic waste. Methane rich biogas can be combusted in the Capstone MicroTurbine® or Biogas Engines to produce renewable electrical energy and thermal energy.

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Biomass >

Renewable energy process of conversion of energy rich, dry organic material through combustion of biomass in purpose-built furnaces, driving the Organic Rankine Cycle, converting chemical energy to heat energy to Electrical and if required, Thermal Energy.

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Capstone MicroTurbine® >

The ideal solution for today’s distributed generation needs. With a wide range of sizes and different fuel inputs, there is always a Microturbine® that will best suit your site’s unique requirements.

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Waste Heat Recovery >

Waste Heat Recovery solutions are extremely applicable for industrial plants that require large amounts of thermal energy and high temperature for production processes. The excess thermal energy downstream of the process can be captured to produce electrical power, reducing the electrical power costs and reliance on the power grid.

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Operations and Maintenance (O&M) >

We undertake the operations of the plant, carrying out the day to day activities in a safe and professional manner. Coupled with a robust preventive maintenance plan and a strong maintenance team, we strive to maximize the availability and reliability of the plant, affording the plant owner confidence and maximal returns on the investment.

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Sobono Greenland

Farming Equipment >

Modern equipment and machinery used on farms include tractors, balers, combines, plows, mowers, planters, and sprayers.

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Feedstock Supply >

The supply of crude products, natural gas, woody plants, algae, chemicals or raw materials for processing into a finished output product or products.

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Biofertilizer Supply >

Organic fertilizer production line equipment include crusher, mixer, turning machine, granulator, drum screener, conveyor and packaging machine.

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Smart Farming >

It is a management concept focused on providing the agricultural industry with the infrastructure to leverage advanced technology to track, monitor, automate and analyze operations.

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