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Established in 2007, Sobono Energy provides green and clean energy products and solutions (distributed or 'embedded' generation) with high availability and good reliability. In these years, the company has gained significant experience in MicroTurbine® energy solutions using natural gas (NG) biogas (from anaerobic digesters) and liquid fuel (diesel or LPG) with co-generation and tri-generation applications. New energy solutions are also being developed and offered with biomass and industry waste heat as resources.

Based in Singapore and operating in the Asia Pacific region, Sobono Energy aims to gain regional experience with our clients and develop integrated solutions with the building up of our Engineering, Procurement and Contracting (EPC) capabilities.

Sobono Energy addresses “supply side” solutions, with the emphasis on energy productivity, energy security and energy responsibility as well as undertake application engineering and development, integration of the complete energy solution (including installation and project management) and post-installation maintenance services.

The Team

The Sobono Energy team is lead by its founder and Managing Director, Wee Khoon OH.

Since its establishement, Sobono Energy has been growing its team both in Singapore and the Philippines. In Singapore, Wanrou ZHENG (Ms) has been promoted to Manager, Application and Field Services. We have also engaged Vania SANTOS (Ms) and Danzen MAGNO, both of whom have been qualified as Authorized Service Personnel (ASP), to cater to the maintenance needs of our Philippines customers.


Sobono Energy is an Authorized distributor of MicroTurbine® Generator Systems of Capstone Turbine Corp., with modular power output from 30kW to 1MW; and fuel input of natural gas (NG), renewable fuel (including landfill gas and digester biogas) or liquid fuels (including diesel and LPG).

For more information of Capstone MicroTurbine please view our Products page.


5 March 2014

Sobono Energy was awarded a contract by National University of Singapore (NUS) in Singapore to provide a unit of C65 with Intergrated Hot Water Economizer (HWE) for R&D applications. The C65 will be operated with Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). Start-up and commissioning is targeted for Q3 2014.

29 June 2012

Sobono Energy was awarded a contract by Coral Agri-venture Farms Inc. (Coral), in Rizal, Philippines to provide a biogas-to-power solution, including the supply of 2 units of biogas blowers, a CR1000 (1MW) MicroTurbine®, 2units of 45kW biogas compressors, Biogas Delivery Skid (BDS), combined exhaust duct and chimney. The equipment has since been installed and Coral's new 30m diameter anaerobic digester is near completion for start-up and commissioning in Q4 2014.

3 May 2012

Sobono Energy was awarded a contract by CK Hog Farm (CKHF) in Rizal, Philippines to provide a biogas-to-power solution, including the supply of a unit of biogas blowers, 1 unit of 11kW biogas compressor, a unit of CR65 (65kW) Dual-mode (DM) MicroTurbine® and an Electrical Control & Indication Panel. The equipment was skided in Singapore and shipped to site to reduce the time taken for site build-up. Start-up and commissioning is targeted for Q4 2014.


What We Offer

Sobono Energy offers a wide range of clean and green energy products and solutions depending on the cilent's requirements and application usage. For more information of our key energy solutions offered to you, please click here.

Capstone MicroTurbine™ (MT)

The Capstone MicroTurbine™ is a compact, turbine generator that delivers electricity onsite, or close to the point where it is needed. Our MicroTurbine is suitable for applications ranging from remote locations to city centers, delivering clean, high quality power from a wide variety of fuels, with superior safety and emissions. It offers the best value for clean and reliable small-scale power production.

Capstone Turbine Corp. makes various sizes of MicroTurbines: 30kW, 65kW, and 200kW. Products based on the 200kW turbine are also available in 600kW, 800kW, and 1MW configurations.

             C200                     C1000 (5x C200 integrated together)

MT Key Features

● Ultra- low emissions

● One moving part - minimal maintenance and downtime

● Patented air bearing - no lubricating oil or coolant required

● 5 and 9 year Factory Protection Plans available

● Remote monitoring and diagnostic capabilities

● Integrated synchronization and protection

● Reliable - tens of millions of run hours and counting


    C200 (200kW)                         Turbine Shaft

Click here to visit Capstone's website.

Click here to view Capstone's Product Catalog.

Capstone's promotional video:


Apart from offering Capstone Microturbines, Sobono Energy also provide energy solutions based on Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) technology -- for biomass and waste heat recovery (WHR) applications. ORC models that we worked with range from the 125kWe Clean Cycle® CC125 and ORC from Turboden s.r.l. (from 600kWe up to 5MWe).

Click here to view Turboden's website.


Till date, Sobono Energy has set up several reference sites in Singapore and the Philippines. As countries develop and as more people become receptive to clean and green technology as the substitute to environment preservation and energy efficiency, we hope to be the solution by being the first hand provider of such technology.

For more information on the individual sites, please click on the site names below:

Singapore Sites

N&N Agricultural Pte Ltd

N&N is a 600,000 heads chicken layer farm. Chicken manure is fed to an anaerobic digester to produce biogas, which is delivered through 2 units of biogas blowers to 2 units of 45kW biogas compressors, allowing power to be produced by a CR1000 (1MW) MicroTurbine. The exhaust flue gas from the CR1000 is used for drying of spent grain (from beer brewery) to be part of the chicken feed.


313@Somerset is a shopping mall in Orchard Road. A unit of C65 (65kW) MicroTurbine with integrated Hot Water Economizer (HWE) is operated with diesel on Combined Heat and Power (CHP) basis, supplying both power and 80°C hot water to the food court and restaurants in the shopping mall.

Philippines Sites

Biotech Farms Inc. (BFI)

BFI is a 2,500 sow level piggery. Pig manure is fed to an anaerobic digester to produce biogas which is delivered through 2 units of biogas blowers to 2 units of 37kW biogas compressors, allowing power to be produced by a CR800 (800kW) MicroTurbines. BFI is working on using the exhaust flue gas of the CR800 for themal applications in 2015.



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